Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bat-Sheba by Judith Muller

Went antiquing today and found a good sized bottle of Bat Sheba made for Judith Muller, an Israeli designer in 1966, by perfumer Sophia Grojsman.

Yesterday's Perfume describes it as "a pungent rose petal had been dipped in a pot of pachouli, honey, sandlelwood and a dash of narcotic allure".  It is all of that and more.  Read the entire review

Even more interesting is the bio of the perfumer, which can be found at

Top: Aldehydes, cardamon, bergamot, fruit note, rosewood.
Middle: Jasmine, assisted by rose, orris, ylang-ylang and carnation for a sultry floral effect.
Base: Patchoulli, assisted by vetiver, castoreum, amber, leather and moss for a warm sensual note