Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lest my first post left you believing that my addiction was to miniature bottles, let's set the record straight.  I am totally enamoured with small bottles, large bottles and the fragrances they (sometimes) hold.  I am in love with all things perfume related, from old advertisements to funny little solid perfumes.  

Not long after returning from Bouckville, I visited a shop which had a basket full of 80's perfumes - Forever Krystle, Giorgio, Vanderbilt, Opium - you get the picture.  Those big hair perfumes that reach out and grab you and you never quite smell the same way again.  

Thereafter, I started searching for perfume everywhere I went and I bought everything I could afford.  Vintage Moon Drops, Crepe de Chine, Mimzy, Replique, Coty L' Origin, Miss Dior, Jovan Musk for Women - my search knew no bounds (which may be why I ended up with 2 full  bottles of Shania which I would gladly send you if you are a fan).  I could not contain my excitement when face to face with a bottle of perfume.  I had my sister searching garage sales and let all my friends know that I meant business and if they had something lingering in the back  of the closet, I wanted it.

One would think that after purchasing everything but the kitchen sink, I would become more discerning.  Nope, didn't happen.  I still buy everything I see that I don't already have.  And, I have been so pleasantly surprised! That little dime store bottle of Magnolia by Rene of New Orleans with original box and full contents is heavenly!   

That's the thing.  It's the thrill of finding something you never knew existed.  It's a little like a birthday in a bottle!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tabac Blond Dreaming

I have had my first perfume dream.

A while back, a wonderful BN lady told me she had purchased Tabac Blond from a women who regularly goes to France and buys directly from the source at the at the Caron Boutique.  Everything I read about the scent appealed to me and the fact that I had now found a way to own this had to find scent, I had to try it. I contacted the seller and she advised me she would be going to Paris early in 2014.  She sent me the information, and I determined I would buy the Parfum (hey, if I am going to spend an arm and a leg, I might as well go First Class). got mine from the source I had my bottle filled from one of the Fancy Fragrance Urns at Caron’s boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Of course, the wait was maddening.  I could not wait to smell it, I had spent too much, could I trust a complete stranger, did I spend too much, would I even like the scent, was I crazy?  Finally, I received a message from the seller, along with an invoice.  I closed my eyes and made out the check.  A little bit later, I received the shipping notice.  My heartbeat had now gone into high gear and I stalked the USPS Tracking website. 

The night before I knew the package would arrive I was on pins and needles.  I went to bed, thinking tomorrow was the day.  Apparently, all the waiting and worrying had taken a toll on my imagination, for I had a dream, my very first scent dream.


My mother and my sister decided to have a garage sale to raise some cash.  I knew my Tabac Blond would be arriving soon and I had lots of things I could put in the sale.  I went home to sort through my things, with the intention of joining in the garage sale the next day. 

The next thing I remember is that the day of the garage sale had dawned, but it was also the day the Tabac Blond would be delivered.  I went to a post office and hung around, waiting for mail to arrive.  Finally, my name was called and I was given a package.  I wanted to run home to open it, but there was a young man, who had also received a package, and he was ripping it open, sniffing it, sharing it with the Post Mistress and he turned and offered me a sniff.  The scent was called Mellow and it was beautiful. 

Now, I decided I need to open my package right away and offer him a sniff.  I ripped open the box and there was so much packing, I couldn't find the bottle,  I located a tiny vial with a little cotton French flag, took a wee sniff and offered it to the young man and the Post Mistress, who swooned.  Looking at the tiny vial, I wondered if there was a bigger bottle in the package, but it didn't look promising.  I wondered if the young name had inadvertently or on purpose had taken it.  At that very moment, I sister arrived to tell the garage sale was over ( I had missed it!) and the family was gathered at the opening of a play.  She took me by the hand and pulled me along as I was trying to determine if I had more of the perfume, while trying to hide the package from her.  We passed a man who looked at me, laughed and shook his head.  I was very embarrassed.  He made me feel like I had done something bad. 

Today, I received the Tabac and this dream has kind of taken the joy out of receiving the bottle.  I am now giving it it's first wearing and so far, it is all that I thought it would be. So, I am stepping away from the dream for now and will revisit it in the future.  I am not sure why I would have such a dream and what it meant.  Stay tuned.