Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lest my first post left you believing that my addiction was to miniature bottles, let's set the record straight.  I am totally enamoured with small bottles, large bottles and the fragrances they (sometimes) hold.  I am in love with all things perfume related, from old advertisements to funny little solid perfumes.  

Not long after returning from Bouckville, I visited a shop which had a basket full of 80's perfumes - Forever Krystle, Giorgio, Vanderbilt, Opium - you get the picture.  Those big hair perfumes that reach out and grab you and you never quite smell the same way again.  

Thereafter, I started searching for perfume everywhere I went and I bought everything I could afford.  Vintage Moon Drops, Crepe de Chine, Mimzy, Replique, Coty L' Origin, Miss Dior, Jovan Musk for Women - my search knew no bounds (which may be why I ended up with 2 full  bottles of Shania which I would gladly send you if you are a fan).  I could not contain my excitement when face to face with a bottle of perfume.  I had my sister searching garage sales and let all my friends know that I meant business and if they had something lingering in the back  of the closet, I wanted it.

One would think that after purchasing everything but the kitchen sink, I would become more discerning.  Nope, didn't happen.  I still buy everything I see that I don't already have.  And, I have been so pleasantly surprised! That little dime store bottle of Magnolia by Rene of New Orleans with original box and full contents is heavenly!   

That's the thing.  It's the thrill of finding something you never knew existed.  It's a little like a birthday in a bottle!