Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tabac Blond Dreaming

I have had my first perfume dream.

A while back, a wonderful BN lady told me she had purchased Tabac Blond from a women who regularly goes to France and buys directly from the source at the at the Caron Boutique.  Everything I read about the scent appealed to me and the fact that I had now found a way to own this had to find scent, I had to try it. I contacted the seller and she advised me she would be going to Paris early in 2014.  She sent me the information, and I determined I would buy the Parfum (hey, if I am going to spend an arm and a leg, I might as well go First Class). got mine from the source I had my bottle filled from one of the Fancy Fragrance Urns at Caron’s boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Of course, the wait was maddening.  I could not wait to smell it, I had spent too much, could I trust a complete stranger, did I spend too much, would I even like the scent, was I crazy?  Finally, I received a message from the seller, along with an invoice.  I closed my eyes and made out the check.  A little bit later, I received the shipping notice.  My heartbeat had now gone into high gear and I stalked the USPS Tracking website. 

The night before I knew the package would arrive I was on pins and needles.  I went to bed, thinking tomorrow was the day.  Apparently, all the waiting and worrying had taken a toll on my imagination, for I had a dream, my very first scent dream.


My mother and my sister decided to have a garage sale to raise some cash.  I knew my Tabac Blond would be arriving soon and I had lots of things I could put in the sale.  I went home to sort through my things, with the intention of joining in the garage sale the next day. 

The next thing I remember is that the day of the garage sale had dawned, but it was also the day the Tabac Blond would be delivered.  I went to a post office and hung around, waiting for mail to arrive.  Finally, my name was called and I was given a package.  I wanted to run home to open it, but there was a young man, who had also received a package, and he was ripping it open, sniffing it, sharing it with the Post Mistress and he turned and offered me a sniff.  The scent was called Mellow and it was beautiful. 

Now, I decided I need to open my package right away and offer him a sniff.  I ripped open the box and there was so much packing, I couldn't find the bottle,  I located a tiny vial with a little cotton French flag, took a wee sniff and offered it to the young man and the Post Mistress, who swooned.  Looking at the tiny vial, I wondered if there was a bigger bottle in the package, but it didn't look promising.  I wondered if the young name had inadvertently or on purpose had taken it.  At that very moment, I sister arrived to tell the garage sale was over ( I had missed it!) and the family was gathered at the opening of a play.  She took me by the hand and pulled me along as I was trying to determine if I had more of the perfume, while trying to hide the package from her.  We passed a man who looked at me, laughed and shook his head.  I was very embarrassed.  He made me feel like I had done something bad. 

Today, I received the Tabac and this dream has kind of taken the joy out of receiving the bottle.  I am now giving it it's first wearing and so far, it is all that I thought it would be. So, I am stepping away from the dream for now and will revisit it in the future.  I am not sure why I would have such a dream and what it meant.  Stay tuned.